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  • Is It Bad to Leave a Paddleboard Outside

    Is It Bad to Leave a Paddleboard Outside?

    Leaving your paddleboard outside can harm it. Sunlight can fade colors and break down materials. Moisture might lead to mold. Extreme temps can warp your board. UV rays can weaken protective layers. Shield it from the elements to prevent damage. For more details on how outdoor storage affects paddleboards and maintenance tips, keep exploring. Key…

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  • Is It OK to Leave a SUP Board Inflated

    Is It OK to Leave a SUP Board Inflated?

    Leaving your SUP board inflated is okay and convenient for spur-of-the-moment paddling. It helps save time and minimizes board stress from constant blowing up. Remember to check for leaks regularly and safeguard from extended sun exposure. For more tips on maintaining your board’s quality and lifespan, explore further advice from experts. Key Takeaways Short-Term Inflation…

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